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So we've finally moved to the place! Boxes are everywhere and I still have to get used to living in an apartment. I like my new room, it's bigger than my old one, although I thought I'd be able to buy an art desk but there's nowhere to put it, also, there's no ceiling fans. -___-

The first two days were soooo boring, no tv, interwebz or phone, and barely any food!! What I would kill for a bowl a cereal. I also wound up with a new cell phone somehow. The past week's been veeery hectic, We moved on Saturday, Sunday was scavenger hunt day, Monday was "No TV for you!!"-day, and school was closed on Tuesday, when the comcast guy came and saved me from utter bordeom.

I had a lot of homework to plow through, managed to get it all done though ever-so tired/sleepy, but for my Digi Paint class one project was a character concept, made a SUPERLYHORRRIBLY!!crappy job of it at last minute, it was due yesterday, didn't calculate the time it would take to switch trains yesterday morning, got there 4 minutes late. Wound up not presenting the thing because of said lateness and getting a zero. And feeling utterly ashamed of myself... Did I mention I didn't get to eat till 3ish that afternoon?

I'm okay now, i've talked to my teacher, she said I was better off than other people in class. I have a B for my midterm so, i just have to get up earlier to be able to get to class on time. Bah...

Midterm Grades:

Digital Ink and Paint: B

Intermediate 3d animation: F (though I'm not as concerned) I should email him to see what i can do

Game Interface Design: B


Count with me!!

It's mah berfday!! I'm 21 today. Dunno if I'll do anything today. Saturday I'm going out to see Coraline and then going to eat. Still have to decide on where to go.


Cuz I can...

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SNOW >  SLEET > ICE!!! Is this not such a hard concept to wrap your brains around?!!  In other words I still have to go my 2pm class and my night class if I read that emeail right. UGHARUGHGNRURLHFUSDAL;!!!!!!!! Luckily, yesterday, my prof cancelled my night class 'cuz she did n't wanna go out either. COOLIES!!

But today, I have to go. Which means I HAVE  to pull somethin out of my ass and finish my animation~~~!!!!



In order of importance:

PASS ALL OF MY CLASSES THIS UPCOMING QUARTER. (I'm on thin ice right now, right on the minimum GPA of 2.5)
  And hope that my meeting goes green, and possibly get that stupid grade changed...

Get off my lazy ass and start exercising more to lose weight.

At least start on my Zelda-AU comic idea. Oh yeah, it's totally a epic-ness one shot.

Dec. 25th, 2008

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First week is over!

It went pretty well. I'm still getting used to having to getting back into the morning routine. I have a pretty "easy" schedule as far as classes are concerned. 1 studio and 2 Gen Ed classes:


Advanced Drawing 8 - 10:45am
Intro to Psychology 2 - 3:50pm


Ideas of Mathematics 10 - 11:50 am

My Advanced Drawing class I know is going to kill me financially, stressfully, and having to get up before dawn just to get to school ion time. I have to make a skull study folded book by Monday and a Zombie self portrait in about two weeks. Besides forgetting that today was Friday, I'd say that I'm doing good for now.

Our internet's been wacky ever since that big storm came in last week. And I've been playing Spore just about everyday, and now I'm a little bored with it only cuz I got to the Outer Space stage in two days and can't seem to dominate the galaxy.

I also ordered the Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood for the DS
which I hope will be fun.


No school for a whole week! This is a blessing and a curse...